Mr. & Mrs. Loggarakis started Nick and Ernie’s empire as a single service station in 1969. Starting as a single service station, Nick & Ernie’s grew to achieve multiple service status.

They established a second service station, using the well established, traditional name of Nick & Ernie’s in 1976. In 1978 an additional service station was added. A supplementary service station was added in 1981, creating the fourth service center.

1986 hallmarked the creation and introduction of Nick & Ernie’s Collision Repair Center. In 1990, the Truck Repair facility was added to complete the full Customer Value Service that Nick & Ernie have always strived for their customers.

Mr. & Mrs. Loggarakis’ two children, Sandy and Ernie, are involved with the family business. Since 1986 Ernie, holds Vice Presidency of the Collision Repair Facility and in 1993 Sandy occupied the Secretary and Treasurer position for all of the Corporation.

Sandy's husband, Nick Dimoulis joined the business in 1977, and is currently Senior Operations Manager of the Truck Repair facility

Additional family members have been placed in positions though out the organization. Thus, we can truly state this is a family run business. It truly has been a family concern, and still has that family sensation with warm friendly service.
In 1995 Nick and Ernie’s was officially Incorporated.

1998 when reviewing our commitment to the customer and the community we stepped forward in creating our future by purchasing the 10,000 sq. ft. neighbor facility for future expansion.

Our three current locations combined square footage is 60,000 sq. ft which includes storage capacities of 120 automobiles.

Within the above mentioned locations we house 20+ employees; with a combined knowledge base of our staff of qualified technicians have over 285 years of combined experience, therefore making a strong and competitive organization.