A phrase commonly used when people meet and yet in our business it is quite true, we "Meet by Accident". Even though it is a difficult time for the individuals involved, we at Nick & Ernie's try to make it as convenient as possible. Our trained customer service representatives will be more then willing to handle all your customer needs.

To comfort the customer we provide coffee, water, and any other refreshment the client may request. We are able to provide the customers with the use of three telephone lines (one allocated computer line), a fax machine, and photocopier.

When required by the customer we can make convenient arrangements for a rental car. If the customer isn't able to drive their vehicle, we offer to drive them home and pick them up at their convenience. When requested, we can also make arrangements for the customers' vehicle to be towed.

At Nick & Ernie’s we try to make the customer as comfortable as possible. We wish to ease their minds by doing our best to return their vehicle back to as good condition as it was before the unfortunate mishap.